Imagining Your Perfect Orlando Day - Pizza Delivery Included

Imagining Your Perfect Orlando Day - Pizza Delivery Included

Most people in who live in Kissimmee or Orlando can tend to forget about the tourist attractions that the city boasts. Well, perhaps we should rephrase that — most Orlando locals tend to forget about the good parts of having tourist attractions like Walt Disney World in their city.

Hey, it’s tough to blame them. We have a lot of tourists here. And it’s not that we don’t like tourists per se (we at New York Pizza & Wings have a particular fondness for tourists, especially when they are big fans of New York-style pizza, wings, and the like), it’s just that it’s easy for some people to see tourists as unfortunate obstacles rather than people who want to share in all the joy that a wonderful city like Orlando has to offer.

This is why we are devoting today’s blog to the Orlando locals out there. To the folks of Kissimmee who have perhaps never even been to Disney World before, we want to help you find what everyone is looking for when they enter the theme park — a little bit of childlike fun. Of course, the night will be capped off the only way a perfect day could be; you type into your smartphone something to the effect of “pizza delivery near me,” and we at New York Pizza & Wings bring a delicious, New York -style hand crust pizza.

A Perfect Orlando Day

But we are getting ahead of ourselves. First, let’s discuss a few of our favorite Disney World attractions.

Epcot Center And The Future

There are a ton of different options at Disney World, so practically every person is assured of having a great time if you have enough time to see all that Disney World has to offer. There is the Animal Kingdom, which has a wide variety of exotic animals to see. Another Park is Disney’s Hollywood Studios, which boasts exhilarating rides and hilarious, Hollywood-themed experiences. The Magic Kingdom is the park that comes to mind for most people when they think of Disney World, and for good reason — the castle is iconic and the rides are a unique blend of being fun and classic.

One park that has faded away from the limelight in recent years is Epcot Center. Once billed as a looking glass into the future, Epcot was unfortunately constructed just before the boom of the internet and social media, so much of the content there is somewhat antiquated.

However, we are still huge fans of the most underrated Disney World Park out there. That’s why in the aforementioned perfect day, we imagine ourselves (you should too) enjoying a four-hour walking tour of Epcot, the park that Walt Disney himself imagined to help shape a better tomorrow. After all, EPCOT stands for the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. Being able to compare Mr. Disney’s vision of an idyllic future with how we have developed in reality is something of an interesting exercise. But we trust you’ll find the entire tour as exciting as it is informative. Let’s say you finish the day with an epic firework display surrounded by those you love.

Pizza Delivery Near Me

You’ve been walking all day, so you’ve worked up quite the appetite. But the traffic heading back to Kissimmee was pretty bad, and you didn’t feel like stopping off somewhere to spend an hour sitting down before you made it home. You are craving New York-style pizza, but you live in Orlando...what to do? Type in “pizza delivery near me” of course, and find the best pizza delivery in Kissimmee — NY Pizza Pizza & Wings! Your pizza comes; it’s hot, fresh, and delicious.

Orlando locals, don’t forget about your local gems — even if tourists seemed to have claimed them as their own. Get affordable pizza delivery in Kissimmee and Orlando today!