Orlando Pizza Delivery - Fun Facts About Pizza

Orlando Pizza Delivery - Fun Facts About Pizza

Welcome to New York Pizza and Wings, or, more accurately, NY Pizza & Wings. However you want to spell our name, we don’t really mind, as long as you are ready to experience some of the best New York-style pizza in all of Orlando, and maybe in all of Florida!

We’ll be real with you, our loyal reader and perhaps our loyal customer — we haven’t tried every single NY-style pizza place in Florida, let alone Orlando or Kissimmee. Why haven’t we? That’s an easy one. At NY Pizza & Wings, we are completely satisfied by the quality of ingredients and overall taste of our delicious pizza. We are a family-owned and operated Orlando pizza place that specializes in authentic Italian food and hand-tossed pizza.

We prepare each pizza with the freshest ingredients available, which makes NY Pizza & Wings a great choice for Orlando locals and visitors alike. So, if you are just passing through, or perhaps you are staying near Walt Disney World for a while and you are looking for “pizza delivery near Disney World,” as you might be apt to type into your smartphone, just think of us! Kids eat free, and we are only 2 miles from most Orlando resorts and hotels, which means your order will still be piping hot by the time we reach your door!

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Pizza Facts!

In today’s post, we are going to highlight a few of our favorite facts about pizza. Call it an ode or chock it up to the fact that it’s almost lunchtime while we write this, but we’ve got pizza on the brain. So we figured, why not share our affinity while making it somewhat entertaining and interesting at the same time? Keep reading for your daily dose of pizza facts!

  • The first time researchers have found the word “pizza” anywhere was way back in Italy (Gaeta), just before the turn of the millenium in 997 C.E. The precursors to modern-day pizza were flatbreads, known as focaccias, which were more like breadsticks with toppings than anything else. Though the earliest pizzas are thought to be sweet dishes rather than savory, others maintain that the first pizzas were made for those who heralded from lower classes, rather than being a delicacy.
  • Around the 18th century, Naples finally got ahold of things and decided to create a style of pizza many of us would deem delicious to this day. Though it isn’t New YORK-style pizza, which as we all know is the greatest kind of pizza in the world, Neapolitan-style pizza comes pretty darn close. They added tomatoes to their flatbread, and shortly thereafter the modern day notion of pizza with tomatoes and cheese was born!
  • Fast-forwarding to the present day, and it’s safe to say that we Americans have sufficiently fallen in love with pizza. Any given day, one out of every eight Americans will eat pizza, and over a quarter of boys between six and nineteen will eat pizza every day.

We can’t recommend you to eat pizza at NY Pizza & Wings every single day forever and ever, but we will tell you that when you are in the mood for affordable and delicious Orlando pizza delivery, think of us! There’s no need to type “pizza delivery near me” into your smartphone, just order online!