Pizza Delivery Near Universal Studios: World Records That Made Us Proud

Pizza Delivery Near Universal Studios: World Records That Made Us Proud

We don’t mean to be cheesy here, but we’ll say it: we simply love what we do. Every day, New York Pizza & Wings gets to provide pizza delivery in Kissimmee right next to Universal Studios. That means that we’re literally delivering pure joy (is pizza anything but pure joy?) to the good folks of the greater Orlando area, and in all honesty, we couldn’t think of anything more gratifying — and essential to people’s happiness — than that.

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Because we’re so obsessed with all things pizza, we figured, why not write a blog about a few world records pertaining to pizza? That’s exactly what we’re going to do, so sit back, relax, and let your hunger build up (and follow up this read with some pizza near Disney World!).

Most Pizza Boxes Held At Once

If you think your delivery driver holding 4 boxes at once was an impressive feat, try holding 80 of them at one time. That’s right — 80! Now, the boxes were empty, of course. This probably wouldn’t be physically possible if they were full, and if they were, they’d risk spilling pizza everywhere. That’s pretty close to the ultimate crime.

Eating An Eight Inch Totino’s Pizza

Friends don’t let friends eat frozen pizza...right? Well, that’s our mantra, unless you’re out to set a record. That what Travis Mizejewski did back in 2017. Indeed, he managed to eat an entire eight inch Totino’s pizza in under 30 seconds (29.70 seconds to be exact). Gross? Yes. Impressive? Absolutely.

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The Longest Cheese Pull

We’ve all been there. Whether your kids are hungrily diving into their slice after a long day at Disney World or you’re on a first date and you’re embarrassing yourself by grabbing a slice from a fresh pie, the borderline inevitable happens: you get a cheese pull. Some cheese pulls are longer than others, but we doubt that you’ve pulled a 41.5-inch string of cheese.

That’s nearly three and a half feet of cheese (or three and a half feet of deliciousness). The record was set back in June of 2016 by Carlo Alberto Orecchia, most of a show called “All The Pizza.”

The Heaviest Pizza

Not to be confused with the longest or the biggest pizza, per se, this pizza record was set in Norwood, South Africa back in 1990. The pizza weighed a colossal 26,883 pounds and totaled 122 feet and 8 inches in diameter. Nearly 4,000 pounds (two tons) of cheese were used to create this giant pie (3,960 pounds, to be exact) and almost 10,000 pounds of flour were also used.

We have no idea how this mega pie was cooked, but we’re guessing that helicopters and flamethrowers were involved.

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We may not set any records, but our delivery times are scary fast and our pizza is seriously delicious. How do you argue with that? Get started with New York Pizza & Wings by ordering online now!

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